Subtext: uncovering the simplicity of programming


9/11/13 First Subtext 5 screencast: type as subtext

9/1/13 Website refreshed.

8/21/13 First public demo of Subtext 5 at the IFIP Working Group 2.16 on programming language design.

What is Subtext?

Subtext is an ongoing experiment in radically simplified programming. It is radical in that I am willing to throw away everything we know about programming and start from scratch. This approach antagonizes both academics and professionals, but it is what I must do.

I am focusing first on application programming, i.e. websites and mobile apps and desktop apps. Roughly speaking the goal is to combine the full power of an app framework like Rails or Android with the simplicity and usability of a spreadsheet. Subtext is not a Domain Specific Language but rather a general purpose language designed from the ground up to make application programming radically simpler and easier.

The history of Subtext

Social matters