The Chorus project is exploring the middle ground between spreadsheets and programming. Current programming technology demands great expertise, discouraging the creation of a vast range of simple software applications. It need not be so. We take hope from pre-internet products like VisualBasic and HyperCard that brought programming to many non-experts. We want to pick up where those forerunners left off and make modern internet application programming almost as easy as using a spreadsheet. To achieve that goal we are willing to sacrifice power, compatibility, performance, and even the sacred traditions of programming culture.

We are focusing on mobile social apps: simple cloud applications running on phones that organize groups, for example a book club, a soccer league, or an office workflow. Our modest strategy is to develop a product with unique value to non-programmers that is a viral vector for a dramatically simplified programming experience. The underlying programming language is Subtext.


Jodie Chen’s Master’s thesis

LIVE’16 practice talk

LIVE’16 submission

YOW!’15 talk


Jonathan Edwards

Alex Warth

Jodie Chen

Flex group in the HARC lab of YCR.

Chorus logo by Josh Leong

Chorus name by Evan Czaplicki

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